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About Vera

My name is Vera, and I am the proud mommy of two beautiful children, Alex and Clara. I was a school psychologist for the past few years, but am now a SAHM and full-time therapist to my own child with autism. This blog will detail many of the struggles and joys that come along with being a parent of an extraordinary child with special needs. I also hope to connect with other parents of children with special needs, to build a community of support and maybe offer some useful information regarding how autism is viewed and interpreted in the world of education.

9 Things You Should Know About My Son With Autism

I recently read, and loved, two articles: 10 Things Autism Parents Wished You Knew (, by Kristi Campbell, the author of the blog “Finding Ninee” (, and 10 Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew (, which is an excerpt from … Continue reading

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Education Laws and Other Light Reading

At the very top of my list of things to do now that we’re in New York, immediately followed by house-hunting and catching up on my consumption of everything bagels, is getting services in place for Alex.  Unfortunately for us, Alex … Continue reading

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Transitions are difficult for the majority of toddlers, let alone BIG changes like adding a new baby to the family, travelling for long periods of time, or moving to a new house.   So when we were getting ready for Baby … Continue reading

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All the Things I Missed

How did I miss it? Such is the question that has been playing over and over in my mind like a bad movie.  My loving, sweet, affectionate 2-year-old boy, whom I have loved and adored as much as any mommy … Continue reading

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