About Me

bMy name is Vera, and I am a school psychologist, recently turned stay-at-home mommy to two beautiful children, Alex (2.5 yrs) and Clara (4 mos).  I earned my masters and CAS degrees in Educational and School Psychology at the University at Albany in New York.  After interning for a year for two inner-city elementary schools, I began my career as a school psychologist in Wisconsin where my husband began working as an elementary music teacher.  Just three months after starting our jobs, our son was born, and when I was 34 weeks pregnant with our daughter (as well as severely anemic) I resigned from my position, officially earning the title SAHM.

Pre-babies, I would typically spend free time talking or going out with friends and family, watching movies and having Netflix marathons with my husband, playing the piano, singing, playing around with makeup, reading, writing, and- above all- napping.  Now that the concept of “free time” is very much a foreign concept, I get my kicks from making my children laugh, and spend a great deal of time passive-aggressively suggesting to my husband that I might be able to use some sleep.  I am hoping that this blog will give me a chance to take a timeout for myself every once in awhile (even if it is at 2 am)…fingers crossed!!


A few weeks before Baby Clara was born, using my pregnancy insomnia as an opportunity to play with some makeup before bed